RIM RINGZ™ is a set of four rings that come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be attached to the edge of a car’s alloy wheel. They are made from high quality plastic, durable and resistant to all weather conditions.

Each size of RIM RINGZ™ is specially designed for specific rim size. Because each size set is made to perfectly fit each size of the wheel, RIM RINGZ™ will perfectly fit your wheel. You just need to purchase the correct size of RIM RINGZ™ that matches your wheel size.

You don’t need to use any type of glue to install RIM RINGZ™.

The purpose of RIM RINGZ™ is to:
•Protect the wheel from “curb rash” while parking or turning sharply out of a driveway
•Cover existing damage
•Add visual appeal to the car
•Help apply tire shine on your tires

RIM RINGZ™ seeks to address the problem of "curb rash" on rims (scratches/scraping/chips).

Car rims are typically an expensive and important design element of a car and scratching them or having chipped edges detracts from the look, and it also creates an expense for the owner.

In order to refinish the edges of a wheel, the cost can range from 5 to 0 per wheel, but that does not take into consideration that it can happen again and again.

Moreover, if a car is leased, this expense will typically have to be incurred by the driver as the leasing company will want the rims to look presentable for the future sale of the car.

RIM RINGZ™ seeks to minimize the need of having the rims refinished by protecting the rims against scratches. Instead of fixing the rims, you can simply and easily cover scrape marks with RIM RINGZ™.

Besides, you will no longer be annoyed with your scratched and damaged rims and no one will point their finger at you or your car, thinking that you are a bad driver who doesn’t know how to park and damages his expensive wheels.

RIM RINGZ™ gives you an opportunity to completely change the look and visual image of your car for a very small price. With RIM RINGZ™ you can make your car look super cool and modern and – different from the rest.

RIM RINGZ™ looks like it naturally belongs on the rim. It gives a unique, sporty, luxurious and recognizable look to your car and your wheels.

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